Change is in the Air, Where Do We Go From Here?

by | Jul 20, 2020 | General Environmental

From the CEO Mark Forsythe

Mark Forsythe, Mainscape CEO

Throughout human history, there are years where significant events leave a lasting impact on humanity. 2020 will be remembered as one of those years. First, a pandemic stopped our economy and life as we know it, and has resulted in more than 400,000 deaths. Then tragic civil rights violations and protests have placed the sin of racism front and center. I have taken the advice of a friend and practiced two things in my interactions with others these past weeks, Listen to Learn and Assume the Best.

One thing is clear to me; I have a lot to learn and have made a lot of mistakes in life. Getting that established first opens the door to being able to move forward by listening to others and offering encouragement for the future.

Mainscape is a very diverse company with branches on all four corners of the United States and many in between. We are among the few companies with such a broad reach. Many companies sell their products and services throughout the country, but we have Mainscape team members actively working in the 30+ communities we serve. Each of these communities is different and unique. One of my great joys is visiting our branches and seeing the diversity and marveling at the gifts each of you has been given. I personally believe each of you is made in the image of God and gifted with unique talents for the benefit of humanity. Our teams respect one another, use their gifts, and work well together. That is a great compliment to each of you.

Does that mean we are perfect and always on point… absolutely not! We are human, and humans do dumb, often hurtful, things to others. After hurtful actions, we must take the time to reconcile, which includes time to mentor, educate, and build each other up. As we move forward, Mainscape will continue to invest in our team members to grow and develop personally. As mentioned in our “Why” from last week, we look to “Create a company that people think of as their own so they can control their own destiny, have a great family life and make a positive impact on the world.” Our “Why” is a process, a cycle of evaluation, learning, adjustment and growth. Making a positive impact on the world is a part of that process that we will continue to adjust for maximum impact. I look forward to hearing your input on how we can improve as a company by serving our team members and our communities.