The reviews are in

Customer Service

“I just wanted to send you a note complimenting the attention to detail and professionalism of the team who services our community. The team and on-site management are always visible checking to ensure all phases of landscape management are above expectations. Keep up the good work and excellent customer service.”

Sunset Ridge – Myrtle Beach, SC 

“As always, I greatly appreciate Mainscape’s ability to respond quickly, as well as your attention to detail in billing. I’m sure you can appreciate. I deal with a lot of invoicing, most of which I need to amend in some way. I rarely even have a question about your invoices, and the fact that you remembered our $2,500 rule was impressive. So just a small kudos to you and your team.”

Citizens Energy Group – Indianapolis North, IN

“I just want to give a shout-out to a group of young men from your company. My mom and I were eating lunch in Greenfield today, and this group of men opened doors and let us in front of them in line. It’s just nice to know you have respectful and kind people working for your company! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Indianapolis, IN

A homeowner called to say all his neighbors and most of the community think the way Customer Service is run is fantastic. He stated the people who answer the phones are efficient and great at “getting the information where it needs to go.” He went on to say many in the community love Arnold and feel as though, “Arnold walks on water.”

Del Webb Naples – Naples East, FL 

From Victor (Mainscape’s Regional Safety Manager): “I was just in Whole Foods getting my lunch and a homeowner walked up to me to tell me she lives in Reflection Isles and just wanted to let me know what an amazing job she thinks the team is doing in there!”

Reflection Isles – Fort Myers, FL

Landscape Services

“Please give kudos to the mower employee who mowed our grass with care yesterday. We have two poles protecting bare spots in our side yard, so mowers cannot access that small area till the grass grows back. Your employee hand-cut this area! A very dedicated employee who understands what was happening to the grass. Again, big shout out to him!”

Reflection Lakes – Lely, FL 

“I want to let you know Jordan came by yesterday and did a beautiful job trimming my bushesback. The neighbors have already stopped by to comment. It looks amazing. Thank you again for such good service.”

Del Webb Naples – Naples East, FL

“Larry, I wanted to give you some positive feedback. There is a noticeable reduction on weeds and crabgrass this year. I think the pre-emergent treatment on Dec 2021 and again in Feb 2022 worked extremely well. Big improvement over last year. I know I spent a lot of time last spring digging and spraying weeds in my lawn. This year nothing! Be sure and pass this on to the lawn treatment guys.”

Hidden Point – Wilmington, NC 

“Very pleased with the effort of Russ! Came to the house to take out the section of the diseased palm and it collapsed before he attempted to saw it. Russ wrapped up the diseased fungae, and cut and discarded them all. He then proceeded to look at the rest of my palms to make sure there weren’t any other issues. Please thank Russ for his efforts!”

Crown Colony Community – Fort Myers, FL 

“Just a quick note of appreciation for the speed in your response to do the bushes. Your team was here bright and early with solid energy! It was wonderful to meet Gabby. She is extremely knowledgeable and I am happy to know her and possibly expand my understanding further of the plants in our community. Please extend a thank you to the entire team for caring for our yards – their work is truly appreciated.

Barefoot at Coquina Pointe – Myrtle Beach, SC


Irrigation Efficiency

“A rep from your company came out and fixed my sprinklers. I wanted to say what a pleasant experience it was. The rep was polite, respectful and knowledgeable. These days, it is often hard to find good service, so I appreciate this professionalism. You have a valuable asset in this young man. Thank you.”

Arborwood Preserve – Fort Myers, FL

“Just wanted to let you know what a great job your irrigation technician Shaggy did when he investigated problems with our system. He was very thorough and found several problems and took the time to correct them. Please extend our thanks to him. He is an asset to your organization.”

Crown Colony Community – Fort Myers, FL

“We had Michael come check our lawn and landscaping irrigation system this morning. What a VERY nice young man who took the time to listen, explain and check the system. It’s so nice to interact with people like him! Kudos to Michael!”

Castalina – Fort Myers, FL

“We want to thank you for sending over your technicians on a follow-up. José was here and we walked around our entire house perimeter and discussed the landscaping and our trimming preferences. Alex was here this morning to check our irrigation concerns. He replaced some irrigation heads after walking around the entire perimeter. Both of your technicians were professional, friendly and responsive to my questions and needs. I want to personally mention this to your company, as they both deserve “kudos” as your employees. Mainscape was our landscaping company in the Tiberio neighborhood. Now, you are our landscaper in the Solaro neighborhood. We expect the great service that we have received over the years to continue at our new home. So far, it has!”

Solaro at Pelican Preserve – Fort Myers, FL

“I am so happy to report that David and Caleb came out almost immediately to check out my sprinklers. Even though it wasn’t my sprinkler system that was damaged as I thought. They went above and beyond their call of duty to check everything out and ensure all sprinklers are working, and help me program my sprinkler system. Thanks to them, I can now rest assured my sprinklers are all working because I had put down some fertilizer for my grass and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to water.”

Del Webb at Riverlights – Wilmington, NC

Agronomy Expertise

“The plantings are looking great! Thank you so much. Eduardo was helpful and patient.”

Watermark Neighborhood – Fort Myers, FL

“Just want to thank you for the new landscaping project. Felix is so nice to work with. He is caring and hard-working. The three men planting the new plants were also very nice. It has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you.”

Novela at Palmira – Bonita Springs, FL

Snow Removal

“From the General Manager: “I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the outstanding job done by your snowplow team during our recent snowstorm. Frankly, they covered our facilities better than WISH-TV! I really appreciate the effort everyone on your team took to make sure our facilities were accessible and safe. Thank you!”

“I just completed my email about the stupendous level of service provided by your snow removal team. I was very impressed with the way it was handled, as I wrote in my last email. But…you just topped it! I called you at 9:02 this morning with a request for some salt to be spread at our store due to the snowmelt and refreezing. Wow! By 9:14 am, a truck was out here! OMG, that was incredible! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Dreyer & Reinbold – Indianapolis North, IN

Homeowners Associations

A homeowner called stating she was very impressed with how quickly her issue was addressed. She said the crew did a great job.

Callaway Greens HOA – Fort Myers, FL

From Rob Dunham at Premier Management Company: “I just want to say, Chris Davis has been all-around incredible working for us at Sunset Ridge. With the patio board transitioning to homeowners and the various needs around the property coming from separate villas and the master boards, the management of this community has become a little bit of a different animal than a couple years ago. On the landscaping side of things, I could not have asked for these transitions to go smoother. Looking forward to a great growing season out there and giving more chances for future business at other properties.”

Sunset Ridge – Myrtle Beach, SC

“As the HOA manager of Del Webb at Riverlights, I thought it appropriate to take a moment to acknowledge the local Mainscape representatives (Larry Boyle, Bryan Croom and David MacCallum). Having been in the resort, hospitality and property management business for a number of years, I understand the challenge of obtaining experienced and dedicated landscapers. The gentlemen mentioned above are truly customer-service-oriented and also understand the importance of providing high-quality workmanship. Working with the variety of owner personalities is often difficult. No matter how big or small, when an owner is not completely satisfied, this team always strives to go over and beyond to perform the tasks needed to please owners and correct the issue. In addition, the residents of Del Webb are appreciative of the interactions and one-on-one meetings with the Mainscape team. After our recent town hall consisting of 115 residents, I received many compliments on Mainscape’s presentation and their patience while taking a variety of questions.”

Del Webb at Riverlights – Wilmington, NC

“This is to say THANK YOU to the trimming team for a job in the gate, entrance and clubhouse common areas! It was an exceptional job and has enhanced these areas. This has contributed to our goal as a committee for excellence and order. It is much appreciated!”

Reflection Isles – Fort Myers, FL

From the Assistant Community Manager: “I stopped by yesterday late afternoon and actually spoke with the SP and SM. They are incredible happy and are hoping this will be the end-all-be-all fix. Thank you to everyone who was part of addressing this family’s concern. She was also overjoyed with the Mainscape team members who went out there and completed the work order. She had nothing but nice things to say about her experience.”

Fort Campbell – Clarksville, TN

“I wanted to let the management know how much we appreciate the two gentlemen who handle irrigation for the community. I believe their names are Isaac and Ron. They have always responded quickly and addressed any issues we have come across. They are totally professional and extremely polite. We personally feel they deserve an “atta boy,” pat on the back for all the hard work they do in dealing with this vast community growth. We just wanted their bosses to know that they are an asset to the company and should be confident that they represent the company in the best possible way. This should have been sent a while ago because they deserve recognition for everything they do on a daily basis. Thank you for your time and please pass this on to ALL who should know about their hard work.”

Del Webb Naples – Naples East, FL 

Commercial Properties

“From Chris Albus, Project Director: “I am very impressed and happy to have visited the Safety Rodeo going on today here at Hood. Todd gave me an overview. It is reassuring to know your company places safety of residents and our teammates as the #1 priority. Mainscape is a great partner and I appreciate your leadership.”

Fort Hood – Austin, TX 

From Mike Mulcahy, Lilly Executive: “The turf at the B28 Amphitheater looked GREAT for Dave Rick’s event! Please pass along my THANKS to the Mainscape crew.”

Eli Lilly – Downtown Indianapolis, IN