Beautifying communities, lawns and gardens

We improve and maintain common areas and residences through landscaping and irrigation management.

Enhancing brand images with visual impact

We help companies make powerful impressions with landscaping maintenance.

Supporting military families and facilities

We keep properties attractive and roads clear with landscaping and snow/ice removal for privatized homes on military bases.

Fully operational, quickly and nationally

We’ve become experts at getting new sites up and running quickly—in locations as remote as Alaska.

We cover the united states

From Alaska and Hawaii to the Midwest, New York and the Southeast. Mainscape is a national landscaper, capable of adding new states quickly and efficiently by request.

Comprehensive landscaping services

Over the decades, we’ve expanded to become our clients’ partners in maintaining attractive, healthy, safe natural environments, leveraging cutting-edge technology for:


landscaping services

Irrigation efficiency

agronomy expertise

snow removal

Your skills are needed

We are an ever-growing, ever-evolving business with a need for individuals with diverse talents and experience. Talk to us about your career ambitions.