The Drip: Let’s Get Drippin’

by | Sep 23, 2021 | The Drip

All living organisms need water to survive. This is especially true when it comes to plant material. When drought hits hard, all mulch beds that are properly maintained with an irrigation system will continue to thrive in lieu of minimal rainfall. It’s important to conserve as much water as possible. Here is where drip irrigation comes into play.

Drip irrigation provides water directly to the source of nutrient uptake: the roots. Small tubes buried slightly below ground level slowly percolate water directly into the plant’s root zone. This provides the plant with the necessary water intake and minimizes evaporation far superior to a common sprinkler system. When properly installed and maintained, this slow-release system allows plants to be properly hydrated without the excessive water runoff.

As with everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to drip irrigation. Extensive studies and doctoral dissertations have been completed on the maximizing the effectiveness of irrigation. There is a time and place for drip irrigation, as there is a time a place for the common sprinkler system. Good thing is that our irrigation technicians have extensive knowledge when it comes to irrigation systems and will happily discuss the benefits of each system with you.