by | Nov 6, 2023 | The Drip

In Florida, we jokingly say there are two seasons: hot and less hot. However, The Farmer’s Almanac recently released its winter 2023-24 forecast with the words, “The BRRR is Back!” It predicts a return to traditional cooler temperatures with a few frosts for the Sunshine State after an unusually warm winter last year.

Certain plants can be heavily damaged or killed by temperatures below 38 degrees. When the temperature drops this low, it’s best to cover delicate plants.

Before covering your plants, always water them first! Frost blankets should NOT touch the plants. Use bamboo, stakes, small pipes, etc. to tent and secure the cloth with fabric pins approximately 12” between each. Keep plants covered until temperatures rise. Ensure plants don’t dry out; check moisture, water (if needed) and replace the fabric. For customers with Mainscape’s water management services, we will ensure proper irrigation and shut down systems as necessary.

Now is the time to make sure you have frost blankets, landscape pins and either bamboo, PVC pipe or similar supplies so you can tent the cloth. If you are unable to locate any frost blankets, use a porous material that will allow light and heat through it during the day. Plastic should be used only as a last resort and should be light in color to avoid damaging the plants.

Many customers own these items and ask their landscape partner to install when the time is appropriate. If you do not own these items, Mainscape can provide them (at a cost), or recommend retailers to purchase them from.

To discuss frost and freeze protection, please contact your Mainscape team today.  Advanced planning will guarantee you have what you need when an event undoubtedly arises— or when temperatures inevitably fall.