Requesting customer care is easier than ever

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Updates & Announcements

Communication with Mainscape has never been easier. If an issue arises, the quickest and most efficient way to communicate with your Mainscape team is to enter a Customer Service Request on our website.

Whether you are a current customer or a potential business partner, our fill-in-the-blank template provides us with all the information we need from you. It is available any day and time using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your message goes directly to the Customer Service Department and gets forwarded to the appropriate Mainscape personnel. You receive a confirmation of your request as well as ongoing status updates via email.

Since we love our customers, we want you to enjoy your valuable time at the pool, playing golf, being with friends or anything other than getting a landscape issue resolved. Using the Customer Care portal saves time and eliminates worry over a timely resolution of your request.