Plant Profile: This Succulent is a Stone-Cold Survivor

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Plant Profiles

Succulents have become quite the trend over the last decade. With their unique coloration, low-maintenance and low-grow profile, it’s no wonder why they have been in high demand across the world. There are multitudes of varieties within the greater succulent group, but today we will focus on one group in particular—the genus Sedum, also known as stonecrop.

There are about 500 different species under this genus. Plants vary from low-growing creepers, to upright perennials, all the way up to large shrubs. The most common stonecrop are usually less than 1’to 2’ in height and width. Its compact form makes it a great addition to your backyard garden bed.

Stonecrop are often a go-to plant variety when it comes to a landscape designer’s plant palette. Landscapers know varieties within the stonecrop grouping can withstand drought, limited soil access and direct sunlight. These features make them an ideal candidate for rooftop planter boxes which have limited soil depth and plenty of harsh sunlight. Their extensive morphological diversity makes planter box designs even more interesting, especially knowing that each species could be characterized within the same grouping.

The vast grouping of stonecrop can be found throughout the northern hemisphere. Even portions of the southern hemisphere house stonecrop. Their survivability has allowed them to thrive in many environments. Here at Mainscape, we like to pair our stonecrop with prairie dropseed, catmint and ninebark.