Plant Profile: Powderpuff

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Plant Profiles

Calling it that isn’t an insult. The powderpuff is an excellent evergreen shrub for central to south Florida. The beautiful, flagrant bloom is a main reason for its popularity and becomes a magnet for hummingbirds. Native to Bolivia, the powderpuff has become a staple in Florida landscapes.

Growing 12 to 15 feet in height, the powderpuff tree or bush can grow in full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant, it grows best in clay, sand or loam and prefers well-drained, slightly alkaline soils. It also is usually pest-free and not prone to any diseases of major concern. Powderpuff will be damaged by freezing temperatures (not usually an issue in Florida) but grows back in the spring in USDA hardiness zone 9.

Its flowers bloom in pink, red and white. Powderpuff grows rapidly in full sun and sandy soils. Once established, it has few supplemental watering requirements and is low maintenance. So bring some color to your landscape (and attract hummingbirds) with this wonderful tree.