Plant Profile: Morning Glory

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Plant Profiles

Also known as Sweet Potato Vine, Morning Glory (lpomoea spp.) is a beautiful ground cover or accent for planters and pots. It is not native to Florida but is rated for hardiness zones 8a (Florida Panhandle) to 11 (Florida Keys). The colors of its large flowers color vary, blooming from June to November. Don’t be surprised if you see more butterflies and hummingbirds hanging around if you install this beautiful vine.

Morning Glory is fast-growing and can spread 40 feet on the ground or 20 feet in length, cascading from a planter. There are no known serious pest or disease concerns. Its drought-tolerance is high and it is at home in most well-drained soils. Unlike other ground covers, Morning Glory does prefer full sun, but can be successful in partial shade—so it will flourish as an addition to planters under a porte-cochere or on a covered patio.