Stay one step ahead of snowstorms with our advanced equipment, skilled teams and 24/7 availability. Our expert snow removal services make winter safer and travelling easier for your residents, employees and visitors.


First, we complete a detailed inspection of your property, marking the necessary features that we need to be aware of during the snow removal process. Mainscape monitors the weather throughout the snowfall season to always stay ahead of snowstorms. We are ready 24/7 with the necessary equipment and skilled team needed to salt, plow and shovel your property. Mainscape’s site manager constantly analyzes the meteorological data and contacts you directly to address conditions when drifting snow or ice create hazardous conditions that require additional attention beyond your regular agreement.

Mainscape’s proactive planning isn’t just for the weather; we know what types of salt to use to not cause damage to your turf and sidewalks as well as how to prevent flooding when the temperatures start to climb. Our rapid billing system alerts you immediately whenever Mainscape has been on your property, keeping you in the loop all winter long. Mainscape provides the best in the business for all your snow removal needs that are right for your property, budget and safety.