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Mainscape Story

Our company focus is on recruiting and retaining the best people in the industry and delivering the highest quality service to our clients. To that end, Mainscape has become a leader in quality landscape design, site enhancement and superior maintenance on properties around the country.

From our roots in central Indiana as a Christian mission at Ball State University in 1980, to our Top 25 US ranking in Landscape management revenue, Mainscape has steered clear of acquisitions and has grown organically with new revenue driven by maximizing customer satisfaction and the resulting account growth within our client base.

During that time, Mainscape has also become one of the top 15 snow management companies in the US generating $6-$8 million dollars in annual snow revenue in Indianapolis, Kentucky, New York, and Alaska.

Customized programs, intensive client site reviews and interviews, and a laser focus on innovative strategies has resulted in Mainscape becoming a leader in both landscape and snow management throughout the country.

Mainscape currently operates in 9 states with our headquarters located in Indianapolis, multiple offices in Florida, and offices in North and South Carolina.

Our company has also become a vendor of choice in the military family housing marketplace. Mainscape services several of the leading military installations in America including Ft. Hood in Texas, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, Ft Wainwright in Alaska, Ft. Benning in Georgia, Scoffield Barracks in Hawaii, Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri, and Ft. Drum in New York. Our adoption of the E-Verify program has positioned us as a safe staffing alternative on government and security sensitive corporate headquarters sites.

Working in the military sector brings great pride to our team and allows every employee at Mainscape the opportunity to positively impact our soldiers, their families, and the vaunted military leadership who bravely serve our country and protect America’s freedom.

Providing quality landscape services for lawns, trees, shrubs, and floral beds and removing snow and ice is what we do every day. Our expert management solutions for your landscape cam help you maintain exquisite visual presentation while improving your corporate bottom line.

Helping resolve the complex business issues involved in maintaining the grounds of your facility is what separates us from our competitors. At Mainscape we analyze your business, your objectives, and your cost structure.

Tailoring this customized approach to your specific needs takes time. But, we are willing to invest that time because we understand your complete satisfaction is a vital component of a long term relationship with our company.

Another difference at Mainscape is our willingness to fully disclose the financials relative to a contract if a client seeks to be a fiscal partner. We offer a high degree of transparency, within our culture at Mainscape. Our world class in house information systems staff provides custom financial reports that assist in planning and developing cost efficient models for your budgets.

Mainscape can also provide high quality landscape design and architectural services to assist clients in changing the look of their properties. Give us your budget, and we’ll help you phase in those improvements to match your capital expenditure plans.

Protecting the environment is also extremely important to us. We’ve developed and implemented environmentally friendly programs for our clients all across the nation. Mainscape has moved to the industry forefront in water conservation, alternative fuels, plant design modifications and emissions reduction efforts.

Our company has invested heavily in hiring industry experts in the science of water management and conservation. Smart water technology, soil management technology and irrigation efficiency are all focus areas at Mainscape. Our objective is to help reduce overall water consumption and subsequently reduce operating costs while positively impacting the environment.

Over the last 10 years, Mainscape has implemented a world class safety program as a result of our work with such companies as Dow Chemical, Cummins, IU Health and the Military.

The standards to qualify and subsequently perform services on these sites are extremely rigid. Mainscape has adopted these stringent standards and incorporated them into our daily employee policies and procedures.

There is a reason Mainscape has become a national success story. It starts with you. And it evolves from hiring the best people and allowing them to focus their talents on solutions that work. That success is sustained by a corporate commitment to the highest business ethics. The moral spirit that forged the foundation of Mainscape lives on today. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Visual presentation is extremely important. That’s why Mainscape works so hard to impress the people that visit your facility and see your landscaping. From lawn care, to water management, to sustainability, to floriculture……..Mainscape works with you, to establish a position ahead of your competition. And we continually improve and refine our strategies to make sure we keep you there.

Mainscape, your best and last choice for landscape and snow management.